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Website Relaunch: Housekeeping


The relaunch of has not come without its teething issues. We’ve had dozens of requests from users as well as questions about previously enabled features that are no longer visible. This post serves as a quick overview of what’s changed, what’s missing and what’s coming in the future.

What’s Changed?

  • Data – by far the biggest change is the data that we now collect. Previously largely reliant on, now sources its own data directly from cryptocurrency exchanges and applies its own methodology for generating the price indices which you see before you. Learn about our data here –
  • Tokens – we’re now collecting data for the vast majority Ethereum tokens. Currently the top 100 tokens are available in 30 different currency pairs with more being added over time. We are now working on ways to maintain an accurate list of the top 100 tokens by effectively discrediting tokens that have dubious volumes or exchange listings. If you have a token you’d like to see the data for – please send us a request.
  • Calculator – the Ethereum price calculator is now available for 30 different fiat currencies across all listed Ethereum tokens (and BTC just because). We are looking to make some improvements to the UX as well as reintroducing the real-time updates that were available previously.
  • Design – sticking with the dark theme and “ad-light” approach to UI, we’ve redesigned the platform to focus even more heavily on token prices and charts as well as including more “global” metrics like ETH dominance and blockchain capitalization.

What’s Missing?

  • Non-Ethereum coins – a number of users have asked for easy access to Bitcoin and other non-Ethereum coins. We still want to support these but have removed them from the main UI. These can now be found under the hamburger menu > coins. We are happy to (and have the data for) most other non-Ethereum coins. Please make a request if you’d like yours added to this section.
  • Alerts – push notifications and email alerts were a popular piece of functionality on the old version of However, the implementation and user experience of these alerts were sub-par. We are planning to rebuild and relaunch an alert system in the future that’s faster, more reliable and easier to use than before.
  • Predictions – we used data from the Augur prediction market protocol (built on ETH) to display crowd-sourced predictions about the price of Ethereum. Unfortunately, maintaining an Augur node can be a little bit fiddly – we’ll be relaunching predictions using a more stable API that does not require heavy setup/maintenance.

What’s Coming?

  • DeFi – decentralized finance offers some of today’s most exciting applications in the Ethereum space. Inspired by, we’ll be gathering and displaying our own data that covers the key players in the space. This is hoped for Q4 2019.
  • Tokens – we want to list more than just the top 100 tokens. All Ethereum tokens will eventually be listed along with table filters and sorting functionality.
  • Favorites/Watchlist – we want to make a switching between your favorite tokens a breeze. We’ll be enabling a watch list system along with simple switching between currencies on mobile and desktop.
  • Light mode? We’ve taken night mode to the extreme. And quite frankly, light mode is for noobs. But seriously, maybe things are a little too dark for some – we’ll be considering a way to switch the lights on like it’s 2016 again.

Your feedback is massively useful. If something is not working or how you expect it to work – or if you have any feature requests at all, PLEASE GET IN TOUCH. We mean it – your feedback is what helps us sculpt this site to be the simplest, most effective tool for monitoring Ethereum market data.

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Nick Founder