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In Case You Missed It: Ethereum Predictions & New Website Features


In recent months there has been a conspicuous slowdown in new content at but not without good reason. I’ve said it before, but it is times like these that the best work gets done – we all stop talking about the price of Ethereum and start going back to what we were doing before, building stuff. Rather than discussing what might be happening to the price of Ethereum, or why the announcement of an NYSE-linked Bitcoin exchange sent prices plummeting, I wanted to provide an update on some changes at and beyond.

Ethereum Price Predictions

At the end of last year I made some predictions about Ethereum and the market in general, but in the last month we wanted to create something that remained up-to-date and was more representative of the market’s sentiment as a whole. At the end of July we launched a new set of Ethereum predictions, and instead of using a centralized source (myself), these predictions instead use the “wisdom of the crowd”. In fact, the predictions are pulled directly from the recently launched Augur platform – a decentralized Ethereum marketplace where users can ask and bet on questions across any topic. The result is a diverse range of people “putting their money where their mouth is” and betting on outcomes with the goal of making a profit if proven correct. Currently, there has been over $600,000 staked on the question: “Will price of Ethereum exceed $500 at the end of 2018?“.

Augur is built on Ethereum and uses smart contracts to create markets and place bets. It could not be a more appropriate source of information for and we plan to expand this section over time. You can learn more about Augur here.

Push & Email Notifications

For those that want immediate alerts for when the price of Ethereum (or other coins) cross a threshold, we have released a simple push and email notification system. Setting up a notification can be done from the “bell” icon at the top right of the homepage or on any coin page. Push notifications currently work for most devices where web notifications are allowed. Please note that push notifications are currently in beta.

Performance Data & BTC Price

The Ethereum price chart can now have its BTC price overlayed against any of our listed fiat currency pairs (see the top right of the chart area). The BTC price of Ethereum is still available here however this new feature allows for direct comparison of trends over any time period.

Below the Ethereum price chart are a number of Ethereum performance metrics that provide a better overview of Ethereum’s position in relation to time period, fiat currencies and Bitcoin. This section also provides days since all time high (ATH). You can see from this chart that Ethereum has performed best against GBP so far in 2018 (a mere -43.14%).

Ethereum performance tables

Portfolio Tracker

We are currently expanding our offering to include a portfolio manager web application that allows users to track and manage a portfolio consisting of any number of cryptocurrencies. We expect to launch this new application in Q4 2018. Be sure to register for updates in the footer to be notified when this is released.

Feedback, Suggestions & Working With Us

We always want to hear from our users on what can be improved or changed and are often quick to implement ideas that improve the user experience. Leave a comment in the section below or send an email to [email protected].

We’re also in need of content writers! We are looking for writers with a great understanding of cryptocurrencies (particularly Ethereum) to help provide more information on; whether it relates to journalism, technical writing or platform reviews. If you’d like to work with us, send a message to us on the email above.

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Nick Founder