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Hard Fork Incoming


A new community-created blockchain will be available for activation at block #1920000, which is expected to arrive on July 20th 2016, in which the Ether balance of the contract relating to “The DAO” and all of its descendants will be moved to a withdraw contract due to an exploited bug in the original contract. This should restore funds from all contracts linked to the exploit and allow authenticated holders of “The DAO” tokens to redeem it for ether.

It is advisable to read the update and download the latest version of Mist here. The simplest option is to scroll to the bottom of the page and download the appropriate version for your OS.

With confirmation of a Hard Fork, the price of Ether has recovered somewhat, increasing from a 60-day low of just above $10 up to $12. Should the Ethereum community choose to move to the new ‘winning chain’ immediately (i.e. the new chain proposed by the hard fork), we may see recovery continue further. Alternatively, should the anti-hard fork sentiment hold strong, we may see 2 versions of Ethereum running side-by-side (ETH and ETHc) which would bring with it a huge number of unknowns.

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Nick Founder