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Ethereum’s Dramatic Rise in Value and V1.2 Release Notes


For some time now, Ethereum has been more than a single currency blockchain. The past 12 months have seen huge changes in the Ethereum ecosystem, and a number of Ethereum-based tokens have launched with many becoming enormously successful. The price of Ether is now reflecting the value of the network as a whole. Whether it’s increased adoption of the public Ethereum blockchain, or private blockchain initiatives operating alongside, there is clearly an increasing demand for currencies beyond just Ether. Whilst Ether will always be the “gas” that keeps the Ethereum Virtual Machine running, these other tokens are becoming of enormous interest to investors and users alike.

Following the expansion of Ethereum, I decided to add in a number of ERC20 tokens. Here are the latest release notes for v1.2:

Release notes:

  • 3 new tokens added: Digix, Golem, Augur
  • Several new pairs added for these tokens, including ETH, BTC and fiat pairs
  • Now taking feedback and suggestions at [email protected] – please don’t hesitate to get in touch, I’ll do my best to respond to everyone

Please note that historical data is not available for these tokens. This data will be collected from today.

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