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Ethereum’s Bubble Bursts


On Monday April 4th, Ethereum’s 2016 first quarter gains showed signs of weakening. Following a smooth roll out of Homestead (Etheruem’s second major version release) as well as Microsoft’s inclusion of Ethereum onto their Azure platform, the price of Ether went to an all-time high, increasing from less than $1 in January 2016 to peaking at over $14 in March.

Such a vast increase in price will very rarely escape without a crash, but at what point and how severely? We can see now that April 4th was the beginning of a downturn, likely being led by early adopters who chose to cash in on their unprecedented 1000%+ gains. Long term investors may consider the current low of $7.22 to be ‘cheap’, but many short term speculators will consider this bear-run far from over.

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Nick Founder