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BTC and XRP Coins Added


By popular demand we have added Bitcoin and Ripple XRP to! The new coins can be found in the menu at the top right of this page.

The website will continue to stay focused on Ethereum and popular ERC20 token prices. However, by expanding into other coins we can cover more of the market for those who have diverse portfolios. At this early stage we have listed Bitcoin and Ripple alongside Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. We will continue to add other coins to the website as demand grows.

With regards to the price of Ripple, we have calculated market cap using the total supply of 100bn coins. This differs from other websites that provide market cap data based on “circulating supply” (coins not frozen for X period of time). Given the long-term “hodling” nature of many crypto-investors, it made sense to steer clear of the short term circulating supply metric. The impact that this has is stark – our calculation using the 100bn fixed supply limit puts Ripple higher than Bitcoin in terms of market cap. For consistency, we apply this approach to all of our capitalization calculations, including the Ethereum token Gnosis.

Data for these new crypto-assets is now being recorded from today. Historical data for the BTC/GBP price of Bitcoin is available in the preferences menu on its page.

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Nick Founder