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Ethereum Price Predictions

Ethereum is a global asset which can be bought and sold by anyone in the world. The factors which influence its price are varied, unknown and often unexpected. The challenge of accurately predicting the price of Ether is confounded by the asset itself; cryptocurrencies are an entirely new asset class, the economics behind them and the real value to attribute is not well understood. Pundits and forecasters try to create predictions by “reading charts”, speculating on regulation and anticipating adoption, but these predictions are centralized and invariably wrong for the reasons above. has instead sought out the knowledge of the market. Augur, a prediction market platform which operates using Ethereum smart contracts, allows users to create and bet on markets without restriction. These markets cover topics from the weather through to presidential elections and everything in between, including the price of Ethereum. This page lists those predictions, as well as other relevant markets that may be related to the price of ETH.

Those who are interested in Augur can visit to read more about this fascinating use-case of the Ethereum blockchain. For those who want to skip straight ahead to the market’s Ethereum predictions, view the list below. Markets are listed by “Amount Staked” in descending order and these values are recorded every 30 seconds.

Crowdsourced Market Predictions

The following markets have been created using Augur. Each market will have a number of outcomes, often just “Yes” or “No” and users take a financial position in each outcome. Users are incentivized to make honest predictions as the correct outcome will reward them with Ether, while an incorrect one will lose them their stake. The total USD staked in each market can also be seen in the table below.

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Augur Predictions

Our Augur Predictions are currently being redeveloped. Check back here soon!

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