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Ether Price Updates

Metropolis release flying under the radar featured image

Metropolis release flying under the radar

Published August 23, 2017
Ethereum’s price has taken a back seat in the media cycle for the last few weeks. The Bitcoin hard fork – and the new coin’s subsequent 50% swings – has […]
The Real “Flippening” featured image

The Real “Flippening”

Published August 10, 2017
Cryptoasset investing is vitriolic at the best of times. Factions have spawned from ideology and greed. Lay people comment on the technical merit of their blockchain of choice – opinions […]
Ethereum Classic and August 1st “Bitcoin Cash” featured image

Ethereum Classic and August 1st “Bitcoin Cash”

Published July 28, 2017
Cryptocurrencies are open source and anyone with an internet connection is capable of creating a fork. Many forks of Ethereum exist today, however only one has any market value (Ethereum […]
Bitcoin Fork Avoided featured image

Bitcoin Fork Avoided

Published July 21, 2017
The last few days have been an intense ride for cryptoasset holders. The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance announced on Tuesday that MasterCard and Cisco were joining their group to help develop […]
Putting A Value On Ether featured image

Putting A Value On Ether

Published July 11, 2017
With the recent wholesale crash of the cryptocurrency market, many investors will be reevaluating their positions and considering the true value of Ether. Why is each Ethereum token worth $200, […]

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