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Is ETH Setting Up For Further Moves Higher?

Ethereum in 2020 has seen a period of high volatility following the infamous March crash to $80 and its subsequent slow grind up towards establishing a bullish market trend.

Brad Brad Behrens,

Introducing the Synthetix DeFi Index

Synthetix recently launched their second iteration of sDEFI, an index that contains a basket of synthetic assets on Ethereum.

0xNick 0xNick ,

Will The DeFi Bubble Send ETH to a New All-Time High?

The price of ETH in both USD and BTC terms has seen phenomenal gains in recent days thanks largely to the success of Decentralized Finance (DeFi). This success, which until now had not been particularly well reflected in the price of ETH, has begun to attract mainstream attention.

0xNick 0xNick ,