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Best Ethereum Casinos 2021

Ethereum has followed in Bitcoin’s footsteps, not only as an investment but also as a cryptocurrency used for gambling. Ether, the native token for the Ethereum blockchain, can now be deposited at countless casinos, allowing players to bet on all manner of games – from thrilling dice games through to the latest 3D slots.

There are a number of advantages to betting with ETH online and there are now hundreds of Ethereum casinos available to players – many of which are discussed in this article. In the meantime, we’ve scoured the industry for some of the best Ethereum casinos and have compiled this top 9 list for you below.

Top 9 Ethereum Casinos

Best Ethereum Casinos
How we decided on this top 9 casino list

Operators like Stake, FortuneJack and mBit casino have topped our list of the best Ethereum casinos because they score highly for player satisfaction. These casinos have built enormous communities around them and offer some of the best bonuses for new and existing players alike.

Many of these casinos also make use of existing casino games from software giants like Betsoft, NetEnt and Pragmatic Play. Ethereum gamblers can find themselves betting their ETH on world class slots like Night at the Museum or Book of Ra, with the same mainstream experience that they might expect at or Sky Vegas.

That said, some of the best casinos in this list include Stake and DuckDice, companies who have developed their own audited casino software that is bespoke to their platform. These games are some of the most enjoyable to play in the Ethereum space, allowing for fast-paced betting and beautiful interfaces that are rarely matched elsewhere.

These two types of casino appeal to different kinds of gamblers. One is aimed at the crypto-purist while the other does a great job at recreating the mainstream experience. There is room for both of these styles in the Ethereum gambling space and as such we have featured a broad mix in our top 9.

Other factors that contribute to the inclusion in our list of the best Ethereum casinos include player reviews, withdrawal times, game selection and – of course – welcome bonuses.

Best Ethereum Casinos
Comparing the best ETH casinos

Stake is one of the fastest growing casinos in Ethereum and for good reason. Boasting a casino with over a dozen bespoke games and a sportsbook with live markets for American Football through to Counter-Strike, Stake has everything that most gamblers need.

The casino, which was founded in 2018 and is licensed by Curcao eGaming, allows players to check the validity of their bet through an open source “provably fair” mechanism.

The platform also features a live community chat widget where players can share big wins through to bad beats and more. Live chat on the website also allows users to share bets, send tips or “make it rain” – a feature that randomly rewards players with cryptocurrency.

Stake also offers a competitive house edge with a 1% edge on most games including Dice and Crash. Stake’s proprietary blackjack game features the lowest house edge at just 0.48%.

Stake is full of features that go beyond its casino and active community; raffles, races, promotions and a VIP progression system are some of the exciting additions on offer at Stake. The colorful graphics and simple user interface have made Stake a worthy winner of our top 9 Ethereum casinos.

Other cryptocurrencies can also be used at Stake, these include:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • XRP
  • TRON


  • Competitive 1% house edge
  • Highly active community
  • Bonuses available for active players
  • Multiple cryptocurrencies accepted
  • Anonymous deposits and withdrawals


  • No welcome bonus for new players
  • Limited casino game selection
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Unlike Stake, FortuneJack is more in tune with the traditional casino experience. Featuring live sports and live casino games as well as all the classics from the likes of GameArt, Endorphina and MicroGaming. FortuneJack is truly a hub of crypto-entertainment.

For new players, there are bonuses available for both the sportsbook and casino, with free spins also available for the slot lovers out there. Like any of the great casinos in our top 9, FortuneJack also provide regular tournaments, promotions and cashback to keep things interesting for existing players.

FortuneJack is licensed by Curacao eGaming and its casino games are offered by well-audited and reputable providers. As with Stake, FortuneJack offers a number of provably fair games including Dice and Plinko with a house edge of just 1%.

FortuneJack is not just an Ethereum casino. As with many of the other top casinos, FortuneJack offer a broad range of crypto-banking options for its players. These include:

  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Zcash
  • TRON
  • DASH
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Monero


  • Huge list of promotions for new and existing players
  • Mainstream casino experience but with crypto
  • Live casino and live sports betting


  • Lack of bespoke games
  • No community chat
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FortuneJack and Stake are two of the leading Ethereum casinos, however other casinos also offer similar experiences.

DuckDice, for example, shares a number of similarities with Stake whilst retaining the simplicity of a traditional “Bitcoin dice game”. sits somewhere in between, offering top quality 3D slots alongside their own proprietary games.

For something slightly different, Crypto Casino operates on the FunFair network, a smart contract powered casino that runs through an Ethereum web3 extension like MetaMask. More interestingly for Crypto Casino, player deposits are never held by a middleman – the player has control over their ETH at all times.

The one thing these top casinos all have in common though, is the integration of Ethereum and a passion for all things crypto. Whilst traditional casinos may “tag on” Ethereum deposits and withdrawals, the top 9 casinos above all live and breath ETH.

Best Ethereum Casinos
Smart Contract Casinos

We touched upon smart contract casinos when discussing Crypto Casino above, however this subject is worth elaborating on – after all, it’s where Ethereum really shines.

Most casinos offer their players the simple option of depositing and withdrawing ETH. In this instance, Ethereum is used as money, much like one would deposit and withdraw US Dollars. This same approach applies to all other cryptocurrency casinos including Bitcoin.

Where things start to get interesting, however, is in the use of the Ethereum blockchain itself. Rather than using ETH for simple banking purposes, casinos can use Ethereum for the entire operation of their casino, from fair random number generation through to paying out winnings or taking losses.

Smart contract casinos are currently in their infancy. The first to arrive on the scene were a series of now defunct games like, which were powered entirely by Ethereum smart contracts. The problem that these games faced was that, while they were ultra secure and “non-custodial” (the casino never held player funds), they were also incredibly slow.

For a smart contract casino to work, it requires block confirmations on the Ethereum blockchain to validate each bet. Each confirmation takes, on average, roughly 15 seconds. During times of network congestion this delay can rise to several minutes or longer. For most gamblers, these delays are simply not an option and so smart contract casinos have all but disappeared.

Fortunately for Ethereum gamblers, the situation has improved since then. The introduction of the FunFair (FUN) token has allowed players to bet at smart contract casinos without any of the same delays faced by the generation of casinos before them. This was all thanks to FunFair’s “fate channel” technology (a play on the “state channel” concept popularised by Raiden).

State channels setup something best analogised as a “bar tab”. A player opens the tab with an on-chain transaction, places their bets off-chain and then closes the tab (makes a withdrawal) with an on-chain transaction. Off-chain betting can be scaled up to many hundreds of transactions per second.

FunFair now operates a network of casinos, which was pioneered by two brands – Crypto Casino and CasinoFair. These casinos provide a good gambling option for Ethereum players interested in non-custodial casinos, however they are lacking in a few key areas:

  • Extensive KYC requirements
  • Not fully open source
  • Gambling only available with volatile FUN token

An improved version of a smart contract casino would be fully open sourced with an easy-to-use web3 front end, similar to how many of the Decentralized Finance applications operate on Ethereum today (see as an example).

Another key ingredient is also in the use of a stablecoin like DAI, one which is pegged to the value of the dollar. The integration of a cryptocurrency like DAI would remove the price volatility of ETH or FUN and allow players to bet without the additional exchange rate risk.

One Ethereum application that is making headway in this space is, a “no-loss lottery” that pools bets together, earns interest on those bets and then randomly distributes this interest to a few lucky winners.

Players who aren’t lucky enough to win have their bet returned in full (hence the “no-loss” part of the name). While this form of gambling may not provide the thrills of a high risk and high reward slot game, it does provide the more risk averse gambler with a great winning opportunity.

Best Ethereum Casinos
Bitcoin vs Ethereum Gambling

Hopefully by now you have a good understanding of where the key differences lie between Bitcoin and Ethereum gambling. For those not paying attention, let’s take a quick look at the main features that separate these two blockchain powerhouses.

Feature Bitcoin Ethereum
Withdrawal times 10 minutes 15 seconds
Casino availability Very High High
Smart contracts No Yes

For all intents and purposes, there are very few differences between Bitcoin and Ethereum casinos at this stage. Bitcoin withdrawals will typically take longer to arrive than an Ether withdrawal, however the difference is comparatively small.

Bitcoin does improve on Ethereum in terms of casino availability. There are very few “ETH only” casinos whilst there are dozens of “BTC only” casinos. If Ethereum is accepted as a banking method, you can be sure that Bitcoin will be too – but not vice versa.

The one outlier here is in the Ethereum smart contract platform. While smart contract betting is still nascent, it is an area of growth that could one day create an enormous differentiator between ETH and BTC.

Best Ethereum Casinos
Ethereum Bonuses

New player bonuses can be found at most Ethereum casinos. These bonuses are a great tool for casinos to attract new players but they can also be a great earner for players lucky enough to claim them.

While Ethereum bonuses are available to all new players, winnings can only be redeemed once the bonus’ requirements are hit. Different casinos will set different requirements, so it’s important to read the small print. Key terms and conditions are listed on this page along with the casino’s bonus.

mBit Casino offers one of the most attractive bonuses for Ethereum players. Those who deposit any amount of Ethereum will receive a 110% match up to 60 ETH. Players depositing the maximum 60 ETH will receive an additional 66 ETH to play with.

To claim the 66 ETH bonus, a player must wager the total value of the deposit + bonus 35 times. This means that to withdraw the 66 ETH, the player would first need to wager 4,410 ETH (126 multiplied by 35). Equally, a player depositing 1 ETH would receive 1.1 ETH as a bonus and the same wager requirement would apply.

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For those looking for a more light hearted bonus, Betchain offers their new players 20 free spins. These free spins are credited to the player’s account at sign up with no deposit required.

As with mBit Casino’s promotion above, the player must meet a wager requirement before any winnings from the free spins can be withdrawn. In the case of this bonus, that requirement is 40 times. For example, if a player won 2 ETH using the no deposit free spins promotion, they would need to wager a total of 80 ETH before being able to withdraw.

Betchain’s 20 free spins bonus is available to play on the Book of Pyramids and Cherry Fiesta slots. Maximum winnings are limited to 0.001 BTC (or ETH equivalent).

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Best Ethereum Casinos
What makes a good Ethereum casino?

This article should hopefully have given some insight into the best Ethereum casinos we have to offer. However, for those that want to do their own research, here are the key things to look out for.

Welcome bonus

Not all of our top 9 Ethereum casinos offer a welcome bonus to their new players. Stake, for example, is an absolutely fantastic betting house but also one that doesn’t offer a promotion to new players. And not all welcome bonuses are equal; a bonus that offers a huge reward may also be restricted by heavy handed wagering requirements. Look for an Ethereum casino that has a bonus that doesn’t seem too good to be true and then investigate the terms before depositing.

Ethereum Games available

Do you love slots? Or perhaps you’re a hardcore dice fan? Ethereum casinos will vary enormously in the games that they offer and browsing the selection before making a deposit is key. Some games will offer free play, allowing the player a chance to get to grips with the games before making a deposit and playing for real money.

Bitstarz and TrueFlip offer free play on most of their games, however better still are the likes of Stake and DuckDice, who provide free Bitcoin to players through a Bitcoin faucet.

Ethereum Withdrawals

All of the casinos listed in our top 9 will allow for both Ethereum deposits and withdrawals. Unfortunately, some casinos not listed here will accept ETH as a deposit method but not as a withdrawal method. For these casinos, players often need to convert their funds to EUR, USD or GBP before it can be withdrawn.

This practice can be frustrating, particularly for those who want the pseudonymity of betting with ETH. Worse still, conversion rates and fees may apply to fiat currency withdrawals, reducing the total amount received by the player. Always check that Ether deposits and withdrawals are supported.

Provable Fairness

In this modern day of gambling, there is no excuse for a casino to not offer provably fair games. These games use simple cryptographic proofs to verify that the random numbers used by the casino were indeed random. It sounds complicated, but thanks to open source projects, it’s possible to easily verify these outcomes for yourself.

If you have faith in mathematics, then you will be able to verify that the casino did not pull the wool over your eyes when you landed that bad beat.

Best Ethereum Casinos
Getting started with Ethereum gambling

This section of the article assumes that you are new to Ethereum and will guide you through buying, depositing and betting ETH at your chosen casino.

The first step is to acquire ETH. There are numerous ways to buy Ethereum but the simplest is often through a user-friendly exchange like

Buying Ethereum at Coinbase is no different to any other ecommerce purchase. The user can make a purchase either by depositing fiat currency (USD, EUR etc) and then trading for ETH, or by making a simple credit or debit card payment directly in the app.

For those looking to buy Ethereum anonymously, there are a handful of options available for you here.

Once ETH has been bought it can be transferred to your Ethereum wallet or directly to the casino itself. Generally speaking, it is advisable to first send ETH to your own personal wallet as some exchanges block or freeze transactions that are related to gambling.

To make an Ethereum transaction, a user must specify the receiving wallet address. This address always begins with a “0x” and will look something like this:


For additional support using a wallet, see our comprehensive guide to Ethereum wallets.

With ETH now secured in your own personal wallet, a casino deposit can be made.

Depositing at a casino works in the same way as the transaction we just made from an exchange to our wallet. But in this instance, you must first register to the casino of choice and find your casino’s wallet address (again, this will look something like the address above). Send the amount of ETH you wish to deposit to this address.

Now that the deposit has been sent, it will just be a matter of waiting until it is “confirmed” on the Ethereum blockchain. A blockchain confirmation simply means that the transaction has been picked up by a miner and included in a block. Once a transaction is inside a block on the Ethereum chain, it is considered to be “final” and irreversible.

Block confirmations typically take 15 seconds, however it can take several minutes during times of network congestion. You can follow the progress of your transaction by searching for the sending or receiving address in an Ethereum block explorer like

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you bet with Ethereum?

Ethereum can be used to bet at a huge range of casinos and sportsbooks. ETH is the second most popular cryptocurrency for gambling after Bitcoin and it is accepted as a deposit and withdrawal method at the casinos on this page. Betting with Ethereum is similar to that of Bitcoin or US Dollars.

Isn’t ETH too volatile for betting?

Some players find it difficult to stomach both the risk of gambling and the risk of Ethereum price volatility.

Unfortunately, when betting with ETH, it’s impossible to avoid this volatility. The only alternative for gamblers is to use an Ethereum stablecoin like DAI, or through a casino that converts ETH deposits to stable “chips”. At this point in time, there are very few DAI casinos available, although we expect this to change in the near future.

What other cryptocurrencies can be used for betting?

Ethereum and Bitcoin are not the only cryptocurrencies that can be used for betting. Many casinos that accept ETH deposits will also accept DOGE and Litecoin.

Lesser used currencies include TRON, ETC and XRP which can be found at a handful of casinos. And for those looking for really niche cryptocurrency betting, the likes of DASH, KMD and BSV can be used at casinos like Bitsler.

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