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FTX US Referral Code 2022 for 5% Bonus [US Residents]

FTX.us is a crypto exchange for trading cryptocurrency, NFTs, and fiat money. It is the US companion platform to the international FTX exchange. 

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Buy ETH on FTX US review

The FTX.us homepage

What is FTX US?

FTX.us allows users to buy crypto using fiat money or to trade any of their purchased tokens for other crypto assets. The platform supports trading a variety of crypto assets, as well as margin trading and lending. FTX.us also features an NFT marketplace and even the ability to trade stocks of public companies directly through the platform.

FTX.us comes from the same team behind the international FTX.com exchange. While FTX.com is more fully featured and provides more tradeable crypto tokens, the US version is still fully featured and even offers some additional benefits, such as FDIC insurance.

Please note: FTX.us is not available to residents of New York state.

Why do you need FTX US to buy Ethereum?

Buying Ethereum on FTX.us is as simple as navigating to the ETH market and entering the amount of ETH you’re looking to buy and the price you want to pay. 

The trade will complete, and your ETH will immediately be available in your FTX.us account.

Buy ETH on FTX US review

The FTX.us ETH spot markets

How much does it cost to buy Ethereum on FTX US?

The primary fees on the FTX.us platform are transaction fees (known as “maker” and “taker” fees). The exchange uses a tiered structure for these fees that provides fee discounts depending on 30-day trading volume.

Remember: use our exclusive FTX US Referral Code: BESTBONUS or use our FTX US referral link to receive 5% off your trading fees!

Buy ETH on FTX US review

Maker & Taker Fees Explained

Trading fees are fees charged whenever users trade crypto assets on the FTX.us markets. These fees are split into two categories: maker fees and taker fees.

Spot markets use a bidding system to match buyers and sellers. Buyers usually want to get the lowest price when buying an asset, while sellers want to fetch the highest price when selling it. Any time a buyer bids on Bitcoin, for example, they must find a seller willing to sell them Bitcoin at the price they bid.

If they bid too low, no seller will want to sell their Bitcoin for that price and the trade will not complete. If they bid too high, the trade will complete, but the buyer might end up paying more than the market rate i.e., getting a bad deal. 

The average of all the buy and sell bids at any given time determines the rough market price. This is the average price that an asset is selling at currently. Market “takers” are those who bid on the higher end of the current market price. Market “makers” are those who bid on the lower end of the current market price. Takers will have their trades complete quickly (since they’re offering a good price to sellers), while makers will have to wait longer for their trades to complete (since they’re offering a smaller bid to sellers). 

Buy ETH on FTX US review

Makers & Takers explained by CME Group

Normally, market takers are those who want their trades to complete right away, prioritizing speed and liquidity over getting the best price. Market makers are the opposite — they want to get the best price for an asset, even if it means waiting longer to find a seller that’s willing to sell at the lower price.

As is shown in the table above, market takers are charged a higher fee by FTX than market makers. This helps to incentivize liquidity and makes it harder for big orders to exhaust all the market funds available. It’s important to keep this dynamic in mind when bidding for assets on the FTX markets.

Other Fees

While most fees on FTX are trading fees, there are also other fees to be aware of. Check out the FTX.us help section for a full list of platform fees. 

FTX US pros and cons


  • Special features like stock trading, NFTs, and a debit card
  • Low fees
  • Offers FDIC insurance


  • Less than 30 coins supported
  • Fewer features than FTX.com


Special Features like Stock Trading, NFTs, and a Debit Card

While many popular cryptocurrency exchanges focus just on trading crypto tokens, FTX.us takes a more holistic approach to the trading space. The platform maintains an NFT marketplace that rivals the likes of OpenSea and allows purchasing, bidding on, and listing NFTs. Trading public company stocks is also a feature of the FTX.us platform. Finally, users can apply for an FTX debit card that allows them to spend their crypto balances with any merchant that accepts Visa cards.

Low Fees

The FTX brand is widely recognized for the low trading fees of their FTX and FTX.us platforms. For many traders, this is perhaps the biggest upside to these exchanges when compared to others. FTX.us trading fees start at 0.10% for takers and 0.40% for makers. These fees can get as low as 0% for traders who rake up over $50 million in trading volume in a 30-day timeframe. Other platforms like Coinbase and Gemini do not offer such competitive fees.

Offers FDIC Insurance

As a US-regulated crypto exchange, FTX.us goes the extra mile to ensure user deposits are safe. The platform partners with FDIC-insured banks to hold USD user deposits. This means that your USD cash deposits on the platform are FDIC insured. Please note: Crypto deposits or stock holdings are not insured by the FDIC. As soon as you trade your USD for another asset through the exchange, your non-USD deposits are no longer insured!


Less Than 30 Coins Supported

The biggest drawback of FTX.us is its inventory of supported crypto assets. The platform currently makes available for trade fewer than 30 cryptocurrencies. The good news is that new ones are being added regularly. The full list of supported crypto tokens can be found here.

Fewer Features Than FTX.com

FTX.us is the little cousin of the international FTX.com platform. Unfortunately, due to its more recent establishment and stringent regulatory requirements, FTX.us provides fewer features. Below is a laundry list of FTX.com features that are not offered on FTX.us:

  • The $FTT token
  • 20x leverage trading
  • 300+ cryptocurrencies
  • Volatility markets
  • Prediction markets

Trading tools and features

Spot Markets

Crypto exchange “spot” markets are the most straightforward markets to trade. A spot market allows users to trade assets immediately, as opposed to other markets like futures markets which represent an interest in the trade of an asset sometime in the future. If you’re looking to just trade crypto, you will likely be spending most of your time in the spot markets section of the FTX.us website.

Buy ETH on FTX US review

The top spot markets available on FTX.us

Stock Trading

Unlike other exchanges, which usually only provide support for trading crypto assets, FTX.us allows users to also trade stocks in public companies. The platform maintains liquid markets for hundreds of stocks, including popular tech stocks like Tesla, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Nvidia and others. Users can also trade Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) and Depositary Receipts (interests in foreign public companies).

Leverage Trading

While the international FTX.com website provides leveraged trading of up to 20x (previously 100x), the FTX.us website provides just 10x leverage. This can still be quite a bit, so FTX.us has a set of requirements that traders must meet to take advantage of leveraged positions. Traders must hold $100,000 in assets on FTX.us and agree to a list of attestations to become “Margin Qualified.” The full set of leverage requirements is available on the FTX.us help website.

Margin Lending

FTX.us users can lend their assets to other users and earn an interest rate. According to FTX.us, lending is available “on a per-customer basis, and only for qualified lenders.” The lending process involves a user specifying a minimum interest rate that they will lend their assets out at. 

If a borrower is willing to borrow at or above this minimum interest rate, the loan will be completed. Lenders will receive their interest yield on an hourly basis and can withdraw their assets from the lending pool at the end of each hour. Find out more about lending through the FTX.us help website.


For high-net-worth traders looking to make large purchases, FTX.us offers an OTC (over-the-counter) desk. This service matches buyers and sellers of large orders and completes agreed-upon trades at a specified date and price. OTC trades also help traders remain anonymous, and they support large transactions even if regular spot markets don’t have the liquidity for them. OTC traders must verify their identity before trading.

Advanced Trading

FTX.us provides advanced trading features for more seasoned traders. While standard across many exchanges, these features can take a while to get used to. FTX.us supports “Stop-Loss” orders, which automatically buy an asset when the market exceeds a certain price and sell it when it drops below a set price.

“Take Profit” orders are the opposite — they buy an asset when it falls under a certain price and sell it when it goes above a certain price. While the concepts are simple, these features can quickly get convoluted. Find out more about FTX.us’s advanced order types here.

NFT Trading

A unique feature that FTX.us provides is the ability to trade NFTs on the platform. Few other exchanges offer this functionality. The FTX NFT marketplace has a wide variety of NFTs that can be purchased right on the site. 

The marketplace not only lets users bid on and purchase NFTs, but there’s even support for minting your own NFTs and auctioning them off. FTX fees are relatively competitive for their NFT marketplace, with a 2% fee on NFT sales and a $1 fee to mint or list your own NFT.

FTX Card

FTX offers a Visa debit card that allows users to spend their FTX crypto balances on everyday purchases. The card works the same way a normal Visa debit card would and is accepted by all major vendors that accept Visa. 

The card is available to everyone who goes through FTX’s identity verification process and provides proof of government ID, a Social Security number, address information, and a selfie. FTX charges no fees on transactions through the FTX card, but Visa’s merchant payment processing fees still apply. 


Compared to its bigger cousin, FTX.com, FTX.us has a simpler interface, even if that comes at the expense of fewer advanced trading features. The interface is straightforward and gives quick access to all markets on the platform. The trading experience itself is easy, even though the trading tools are advanced enough to be useful to power users.

FTX.us offers an app for both iOS and Android

How to sign up for FTX US

Step 1: Navigate to FTX.us. (Remember to use our exclusive FTX US Referral Code: BESTBONUS or use our FTX US referral link to receive 5% off your trading fees!)

How to sign up for FTX US

Step 2: Click “Create Account” in the top right-hand corner.

Step 3: Enter the email and password you’d like to use, and agree to the FTX Terms of Service, then click “Create Account.”

How to sign up for FTX US

Step 4: Use the “Verify Identity” option to add the required information and to begin trading, starting with your legal name and date of birth. The system will then ask for your address, your phone number, and your Social Security number.

How to sign up for FTX US

Step 5: After entering your identity information, you will be prompted to fund your trading account. You can either do this now or set it aside for later.

How to sign up for FTX US

Step 6: Once you have completed the registration steps, you will be granted Identity Verification Level 1, and you will be able to use the platform! Please note that some advanced features require Identity Verification Level 2. You can complete this process here.

How to sign up for FTX US

How safe is your Ethereum with FTX US?

FTX.us and the broader FTX ecosystem are very safe exchanges. The platforms have never been hacked, and they comply with client-protection regulations that require taking precautions to ensure that deposited funds are secure. FTX.us, in particular, provides the following security features:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Security alerts for suspicious account activity
  • Ability to whitelist IP addresses and crypto wallets
  • FDIC insurance on deposits in USD

To sum it up

FTX.us is quickly becoming a leader in US-regulated crypto exchanges. While they don’t feature as many cryptocurrencies available for trade as some competitors, the platform has powerful trading features, bountiful liquidity, and an ever-growing user base. FTX.us is a great choice for any US resident looking to trade crypto.

If you are outside the US, claim our exclusive FTX.com referral code

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