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Vitalik Buterin on Governance, Infighting and Human Fallibility

On February 8th, Vitalik Buterin appeared on a little known “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) at Of the many questions that were answered, one in particular gave great insight into the inner workings of Vitalik’s mind and worldview. For those not familiar with Vitalik Buterin (founder of Ethereum), see his Wikipedia page. I feel like […]

Aron Fischer On Ethereum’s Global Impact

Dr Aron Fischer is the lead engineer at two of the most anticipated Ethereum-based projects, Swarm and Colony. In this interview he discusses these two projects, as well as the possible impact that the Ethereum blockchain could have on society.

Downtime on 4th January

We experienced an outage in our data collection for roughly 15 hours between 2017-04-01 14:56 to 2017-05-01 08:41. Data is now being collected accurately again. Apologies for the inconvenience caused – we are now working on a better system to ensure data is kept live 24/7. Update

Update 2017-13-01: We have now also added Augur REP – We’re providing the same great ETH data from CryptoCompare, but with an entirely new code base for much faster load times and better graphing. Using this new code base, we have also launched sites for a number of coins, including ZCash: […]

Ethereum Headed for Another Hard Fork

This time it’s not so controversial. For the past few weeks a denial of service attack has been exploiting a ‘loop hole’ that forces Ethereum clients to do more processing work than the gas ‘fee’ pays for. Ethereum developers are now planning a swift hard fork to overcome the exploit. It has also been suggested […]

Devcon2 Shanghai

Devcon2 kicked off on Monday September 19th with huge anticipation, and for good reason. Over 500 people have begun attending the event held in Shanghai, with speakers and audience members ranging from developers to entrepreneurs and big business. The biggest news to come out of Devcon2 so far? Santander have announced its plans to tie […]

Hard Fork is a Success

Update: Full guidance for retrieving a refund from The DAO can be found here: Block 1920000 was mined and the hard fork was implemented. The longest chain became clear almost immediately, and the rest is history. The DAO funds will be returned to users when the contract is made available. Watch this space.

Hard Fork Incoming

A new community-created blockchain will be available for activation at block #1920000, which is expected to arrive on July 20th 2016, in which the Ether balance of the contract relating to “The DAO” and all of its descendants will be moved to a withdraw contract due to an exploited bug in the original contract. This […]

Cast Your 0ETH Vote has created a community poll for voting on the Ethereum hard fork. Over 500 votes have been cast so far and any user with ETH can have their say by sending a 0ETH transaction to the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ contract address. For full information and instructions, visit the Carbonvote homepage. As of this post’s […]

Forking Uncertainty

The community is still split over how best to resolve (or not resolve) the issues created by The DAO. While it seems a hard fork will take place, how should it be implemented? And if it is implemented, will we see those who have been against hard forking moving away from the Ethereum network? Perhaps […]